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Hand crafted nautical products

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A fine selection of nautical items made of
Wood   -   Rope   -   Brass   -   Glass

My "knotically" inspired work is unique, faired and proper, just like my 21 strand star knot.
I work with only the finest wood, rope, brass and glass and use only furniture-grade Honduras Mahogany. All the brass lamps, clocks and barometers are from Weems Plath, one of the finest sources around for such items and I prefer to get my cordage and glass from only the best suppliers.

All items are my own design ranging from something as small as the ring bolt hitching for the napkin rings (the same hitching I use on Kalmar Nyckel's anchor) to the mirrors that can be custom-made to size, etchings, brass works, or belaying pins. The combinations are limited only by your imagination. I use an endless supply of seizings, whippings, splices, sennits, turk's heads and yes, even a few knots here and there. I'm a member of the International Guild Of Knot Tyers and have helped with the rigging of the Kal 5c7 mar Nyckel since its launch in 1997. I've been an avid woodworker since the mid-seventies and enjoy marrying the art of marlin spiking and woodworking together. Wood, rope, brass, glass and the smell of the sea. It just doesn't get any better.

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  • Lamps - Include a fine selection of desk, table and floor lamps with a combination of whippings, seizings and Turk's Heads.
  • Mirrors - From full length to mantel and from foyer to bath. Custom work is also available.
  • Rope work - Includes small, medium and large rope mats. For that wooden boat enthusiast, we also make (by special order) rope boat fenders.
  • Accessories - All the items you'll need to accessorize that office, den or boat from candle holders to napkin rings.

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